We’re always working on new content but in the meantime, here’s some of our older stuff. It’s mostly random concepts we produced to stay limber. Basically, Dave and I discuss an idea, he does some graphics, I do a voice or two, and voila.

As far as early work, this is as far back on the old hard drive as we can go. “Ian Edgerly, Monster Hunter” may not have swept the Oscars, but it has garnered over 900 views on YouTube as of this writing. That’s what “Gangnam Style” did. We think.

This is a monkey firing a laser gun. Don’t ask us why.

One time I decided to try animation on my own, with a very basic program and a very basic idea. After much sweat and toil (and two friends doing the vocal work) I produced this. It helped me realize that I’m not an animator. But it was fun.

Here are some 3D renders Dave did for a graphic novel concept. One day we’ll tell you more about it.

Ian Edgerly, Monster Hunter